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Dana Botesteanu


Dana Botesteanu

Research: Mathematical Biology
Undergraduate: Mount Holyoke College
Hometown: Slatina, Romania
Why did you choose to come to AMSC?
I chose AMSC because of the flexibility of the program and sheer diversity of pathways towards getting a PhD in Applied Math. Meeting the professors affiliated with the program, getting to know some of the older grad students, seeing the campus and hanging out in the department during Visiting Day (rather than just checking out a university via Google) were instrumental in my decision to come here.


What are your research interests and why?
My research interests revolve around mathematical Biology, specifically immunology and cancer modeling. On the Mathematics side, that involves using differential equations (either ordinary or partial) and probabilistic techniques to try to inform researchers in the medical community of potential treatment options, combinations or interactions between the many players involved in a wide variety of cancer types. On the Biology side, it involves understanding what the question is and what details can be extrapolated from there that could say something useful about what is happening in a given system. At the end of the day, the two areas combined (Mathematics and Biology) are what gives the "applied" flavor in Applied Math!

What do you like to do in your free time?
In my free time, I have a routine that involves running regularly and bike marathon-ing to keep in shape. Besides that, I enjoy cooking, doing puzzles (one for every semester in graduate school, so far) and good conversation.


What are your favorite parts of the greater Washington DC area?
I am constantly surprised by the sheer beauty of Maryland in general, whether at dawn, dusk, or during any of the four seasons. I also enjoy walking around both in DC and Baltimore, visiting the beautiful museums, exploring the food options, or going to orchestra concerts.


What advice would you give to incoming students?
One of the biggest lessons that I've learned while being here is that if you don't make free time for yourself, no one else will for you. It's very easy to get caught up in homework problems or research and forget that the world around you still exists, and that your development as a researcher or graduate student also involves your development as a person. That being said, if you have good time management skills (which you will learn along the way), focus while working (and not get distracted by other pursuits) and are motivated to not give up if a problem doesn't work out immediately, then you are in good shape!


Story posted 10/1/2013


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