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Study Advisory Committee Overview

Once an application area has been selected by the student, a Study Advisory Committee (SAC) must be chosen. This committee consists of at least two faculty members for M.S. students and of three or more for Ph.D. students. At least one member of the committee represents the mathematics area of specialization, and one member represents the application area.

The general functions of the SAC include:

  • Oversees the coherence, timing, and adherence to AMSC rules and guidelines of the course and examination sequences selected by the students.
  • Oversees the academic progress of the student and may require additional coursework needed to attain competence in the area of application.

SAC for students in Applied Statistics concentration

The SAC for AS students has the following additional functions and requirements:
  • Forming the SAC is mandatory for every student in the AS concentration. Students are required to meet with their SAC's at least once every semester.
  • The SAC may additionally oversee progress and provide guidance concerning the data project and the practicum.

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