Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Scientific Computation Program - University of Maryland

Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation

Ph.D. August 2017

Yimei Fan
Thesis: Statistical Learning with Application in High Dimensional Data and Health Care Analytics
Advisor: Ilya Ryzhov
Xia Hu
Thesis: Application of Mathematical and Computational Models to Mitigate the Overutilization of Healthcare Systems 
Advisors:  Bruce Golden, Sean Barnes
Oliver Lum
Thesis: Solving, Generating, and Modeling Arc Routing Problems​​​​​​​
Advisor: Bruce Golden
Samuel Punshon-Smith
Thesis: Capturing the Large Scale Behavior of Particle Systems through Coarse-Graining​​​​​​​
Advisor: David Levermore
Hechao Sun
Thesis: Describing Urgent Event on Twitter Using Network Statistics
Advisor: Bill Rand

M.S. August 2017

Matthew Becker
Scholarly Paper: Collaborative Image Triage with Humans and Computer Vision
Advisor: Doron Levy

Ph.D. May 2017

Tingyue Gan
Thesis: Spectral Analysis of Markov Jump Processes with Rare Transitions: A Graph-Algorithmic Approach
Advisor: Maria Cameron
Dongmian Zou
Thesis: Nonlinear Analysis of Phase Retrieval and Deep Learning
Advisor: Radu Balan

M.S. May 2017

Danielle Middlebrooks
Scholarly Paper: Application of the Spectral Clustering Algorithm
Advisor: Kasso Okoudjou
Franck Ndjakou Njeunje
Scholarly Paper: Laplacian Eigenmaps
Advisor: John Benedetto
David Russell
Scholarly Paper: Two Lagrangian Methods for Computing Coherent Structures in Ocean Flows
Advisor: Kayo Ide

Ph.D. December 2016

Maziar Raissi
Thesis: Conic Economics
Advisor: Dilip Madan
Oliver Rourke
Thesis: Processing Information on Intermediate Timescales within Recurrent Neural Networks​​​​​​​
Advisor: Daniel Butts

Hana Ueda
Thesis: Mathematical Models of Quorum Sensing​​​​​​​
Advisor: William Bentley

M.S. December 2016

​​​​​​​ George Quinn
Scholarly Paper: Pupil Dilation Hysteresis in Iris Recognition
Advisor: Radu Balan