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Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation

Applied Mathematics Concentration

The Applied Mathematics concentration combines a foundation in mathematics with research in an application area.

Applied Mathematics Degree Offerings

AM/SC Qualifying Exam Substitution

Students who are still deciding between the AM and SC tracks have the option of taking AMSC 660, 661, and 662. Successful completion of this sequence (GPA of B+ or better) satisfies one qualifying exam requirement for the AM track, or helps fulfill the preliminary coursework requirements for the SC track.


Applied Mathematics

Applied Statistics

Scientific Comptuation

Applied Mathematics Concentration

AM Overview

AM Doctorate

AM Master's (Without Thesis)

AM Master's (With Thesis)

AM Qualifying Exam Requirements

AM Qualifying Exam Requirements

AM Application Area Qualifying Exam


AM and SC Flowchart (interactive)

AS Flowchart (interactive)