You are asked to supplement your transcripts by supplying more detail about the content of the advanced technical courses you have taken.

By advanced technical courses we mean upper division level courses that are in mathematics. For example:

  • advanced calculus
  • numerical methods
  • partial differential equations
  • complex analysis
  • probability
  • statistics
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • number theory
  • application area courses with significant mathematical or computational content

The simplest way to provide the required information is to give the title and author of the textbook or textbooks that you used, indicating what chapters were covered.

This information can be submitted in the Advanced Textbooks section of the online application.

Listing textbook titles works best when the textbook is known to us. If you suspect that a particular textbook would not be known to us, then send a copy of its table of contents as well. If a course had no textbook or the textbook was not in English, please send a course syllabus of at most one page.