Master's Degree with Applied Math Concentration (Without Thesis)

I. Qualifying Exam

Student must satisfy the Qualifying Exam requirement (i.e., three qualifying exams) subject to the following modifications: a Masters level pass in any written qualifying exam, and a GPA of at least 3.0 for all course sequences.

II. Course Requirements

Student must has at least 30 total graduate course credits and satisfy the Course Requirements:

  • 15 credits must be in courses with primarily math content. 3 credits must be a course in Numerical Analysis (grade B or better).
  • For the area of application, the student must have 6-9 credits.
  • 1 credit of Applied Math or appropriate seminar offered by a participating department.

III. Scholarly Paper

Student must have written a Scholarly Paper on an acceptable topic in applied math or scientific computation under the guidance of designated faculty member/advisor. The paper must include an abstract and references to all literature used. The paper must also be approved by the designated faculty member/advisor.

IV. Certification

Certification of Masters Degree must be completed and signed by advisor and Director.