AMSC Student Stephanie Allen describes her experiences within
the program and as a graduate student at the University of Maryland.

The AMSC program admits 10 to 15 students each year, with less than 15 percent of applicants receiving offers. The progam encourages all eligible applicants to apply as the program highly values diversity. 

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Virtual Open House

November 29, 2023 - Women in Math Panel for Prospective Students


The deadline for fall applications is December 15th.

We do not admit applicants in the spring. We do not provide application fee waivers. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Applicants should have at least a B average (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) in an undergraduate curriculum which includes a strong emphasis on mathematics.
  • An interest in an application area or computational technique.

Suggested Mathematical Coursework

  • Linear Algebra
  • Advanced Calculus
  • Numerical Methods
  • Differential Equations
  • Probability

These courses are suggestions, not requirements. Students without the suggested coursework may still apply.

How To Apply - University of Maryland's Graduate Application Process

The University of Maryland's Graduate School accepts applications through Before completing the application, applicants are asked to check the Admissions Requirements site for specific instructions. As required by the Graduate School, all application materials are to be submitted electronically:

  • Graduate application
  • Transcripts reflecting all undergraduate and graduate work completed or in progress. Official or unofficial transcripts should be uploaded in the online application. We suggest sending official transcripts to the university after being admitted. 
  • Personal statement --- about your goals and objectives in pursuing graduate study and about any life experiences that you feel have prepared you to pursue a graduate degree. This should be uploaded in the online application.
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores --- The GRE General is optional. The GRE Subject is recommended but optional as well. 
  • At least three letters of recommendation submitted by professors or others who can assess the quality of your academic performance and scholastic potential.
  • Your resume/CV uploaded in the online application.
  • TOEFL, IELT, or PTE scores if you do not hold a degree from a US institution or are not from one of the English speaking countries on the exempt list. 
  • Non-refundable application fee ($75) for each program to which an applicant applies

International applicants should also visit the University of Maryland International Education Services website for additional requirements and guidance in applying.

The electronic submission of application materials helps expedite the review of an application. Completed applications are reviewed by an admissions committee in each graduate degree program. The recommendations of the committees are submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School, who will make the final admission decision. Students seeking to complete graduate work at the University of Maryland for degree puposes must be formally admitted to the Graduate School by the Dean. To ensure the integrity of the application process, the University of Maryland authenticates submitted materials through TurnItIn for Admissions.

Information for International Graduate Students

The University of Maryland is dedicated to maintaining a vibrant international graduate student community. The office of International Students and Scholars Services (ISSS) is a valuable resource of information and assistance for prospective and current international students. International applicants are encouraged to explore the services they offer, and contact them with related questions.
The University of Maryland Graduate School offers admission to international students based on academic information; it is not a guarantee of attendance. Admitted international students will then receive instructions about obtaining the appropriate visa to study at the University of Maryland which will require submission of additional documents. Please see the Graduate Admissions Process for International Applicants for more information.


Applicants are encouraged to contact the help desk of the Hobsons online application for any technical issues. For questions related to the admissions process, prospective students may contact the Graduate School.

Changing Degree Objective

Students are admitted only for a specified objective, that is a master's degree or a doctoral degree. 

If a student wishes to change his/her objective from a PhD to an MS, this form is required after meeting with the AMSC Director.

If a student wishes to change his/her objective from an MS to a PhD, he/she must formally apply online again.

Transfer Between Graduate Programs

Transfers between graduate programs are not automatic. The admission committee for each program is different.

Students who wish to transfer to our graduate program should first get the approval and signature of their current program director on this form. Then, the student should meet with the AMSC Director with the following documents: (1) unofficial transcript, (2) scores for any written Math exams, (3) Petition for Program Change form, and (4) a draft AMSC study plan.

Combined BS/MS for Current UMD Undergraduates

Current students who wish to pursue a combined Math Bachelor's degree and an AMSC Master's degree should follow this flowchart

When students meet with the AMSC Director, they should bring their unofficial transcript and required forms (see flowchart). Students must officially apply online to the AMSC MS program; GRE scores not required.

Provisional Admission

An applicant whose past record is inconclusive may in some exceptional cases be offered provisional admission. The student is expected to fulfill the conditions of the provision within the specified time limit, usually one year, and must maintain a B average in all coursework.

Courses taken to satisfy provisional admission requirements may or may not be counted toward the degree at the discretion of the AMSC Graduate Committee. Students unable to meet the specified conditions may have their admission terminated.

An applicant may be provisionally admitted before completion of an undergraduate and/or master's degree with the understanding that he/ she will file a supplementary transcript after the degree has been awarded. Admission may be canceled if this is not done within three months following the award of the degree.

For more details about Provisional Graduate Status see the Graduate School Admission Policies.