The AMSC Program

The Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation (AMSC) Program promotes training in interdisciplinary research. Our program allows students great flexibility in pursuing their diverse research interests.

AMSC is sponsored by MATH, CMSC, and IPST and has ~150 faculty from 40 different units at the University of Maryland. Our program is ranked #15 in the nation. AMSC is actively involved in collaborative research with major federal research institutes in the Washington, D.C. area including:


AMSC Concentration Areas

Applied Mathematics
Through the Applied Mathematics concentration, the AMSC program offers students great flexibility in designing a program that combines a firm foundation in mathematics with advanced study and research in an area of application. 

Applied Statistics
The Applied Statistics concentration within the AMSC program emphasizes acquisition of advanced training in the area of statistical application along with statistical topics and development of mathematical and computing skills necessary for the modern applied statistician.

Scientific Computation
The Scientific Computation concentration emphasizes computation and its use in the physical sciences, life sciences, engineering, business, and social science. Students receive training in the use of computational techniques and associated information technology. Scientific Computation students are required to apply the training in computation to a problem in a specific scientific discipline.



Units that Provide Core Support

Units Participating in AMSC

Other Participating Units in AMSC