Applied Statistics Practicum


Students will participate in a semester-long applied statistical project, such as an internship or collaborative research assistantship involving more planning and implementation than the smaller projects assigned in a classroom setting.

Course Description

AMSC 760: Applied Statistics Practicum (3 credits)
Prerequisite: at least one full year of graduate study in Applied Statistics, plus approval by the Study Advisory Committee of a written project proposal.

Students will spend one semester, a minimum 10 hours per week (or 120 hours in total), in an internship or collaborative research-laboratory setting working on a substantive applied quantitative project with significant statistical content.

The completion of this course contains 3 parts:

  1. Meet with SAC members and attend preparatory seminar before the practicum. Submit proposal and obtain approval from the SAC.
  2. Participate in an applied statistical project.
  3. Submit an evaluation form.

Administration of the Practicum

AMSC will appoint one faculty mentor to the course AMSC 760 each year. AMSC office staff together with the faculty mentor will handle the practical issues related to ensuring Practicum work meets AMSC guidelines.


Relevant forms can be found here.

Additional Information

  • Student can choose to take the Practicum during the summer with no less than 120 hours spent in a paid or unpaid position.
  • The Practicum is not restricted to AMSC students. All students with sufficient training in statistics can register for Practicum.
  • RA position contracted only with an on-campus research lab is not qualified for the Practicum.