The Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation (AMSC) graduate program promotes training in interdisciplinary research through three concentrations. Our program allows students great flexibility in pursuing their diverse research interests for both the MS and PhD degrees.
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Expand the mathematical foundation of applied sciences and engineering. Train in advanced applied disciplines including mathematical modeling and differential equations.

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Specialize in a statistical application with a variety of statistical topics. Develop mathematical and computing skills necessary for modern applied statistical research.

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Study computation in a variety of applied fields: Physical + Life Sciences, Engineering, Business, and Social Science. Train in computational techniques and high performance computing.

Why Choose AMSC?

Graduates find competitive placements with Duke University, Harvard Medical School, Apple, Google, National Institutes of Health, Department of Energy, Wells Fargo, and Morgan Stanley - to name just a few. AMSC students receive individualized attention throughout their program and enjoy access to faculty with world-class expertise across several departments. Plus, the AMSC program is located right outside Washington, D.C., in a vibrant hub of mathematics, science, technology, medicine, and environmental research and policy, giving AMSC students the opportunity to work with renowned institutions.