Write a brief (1,000-2,000 word) statement addressing the following two questions:

1. What are your reasons for undertaking graduate study at the University of Maryland?

Indicate, if appropriate, any specific areas of research interest. You may wish to discuss past work in your intended field and allied fields, your plans for a professional career, or how you developed your interest in or knowledge of your chosen subject.

2. What life experiences you have had that you feel have prepared you to pursue a graduate degree at a large, diverse institution such as the University of Maryland?

Among the items you might care to include would be your financial, community, and family background; whether you are the first person in your family to pursue higher education; any community or leadership service or mentorship experience you have; relevant work experience; or any other factors that you feel would contribute to the diversity of our academic community such as overcoming social, economic, educational, or physical barriers. You may also wish to give the graduate admissions committee some examples of your determination to pursue your goals, your initiative and ability to develop ideas, and/or your capacity for working through problems independently.