Congratulations to the AMSC Spring 2023 PhD Graduates

Congratulations to the AMSC Spring 2023 PhD graduates! You can view the official departmental announcement here.


Dr. Kayla Davie


Dissertation: Model-Order Reduction for Parameter-Dependent Partial Differential Equations with Constraints

Advisor: Howard Elman

 Luke Evans  

Dr. Luke Evans


Dissertation: Mahalanobis Diffusion Maps For Quantifying Rare Events:
theory And Application To Molecular Dynamics

Advisor: Maria Cameron and Pratyush Tiwary

 Jingcheng Lu

Dr. Jingcheng Lu


Dissertation: Swarm Dynamics: Flocking and Communication-Based Optimization

Advisor: Eitan Tadmor

 Avi Schwarzschild  

Dr. Avi Schwarzschild


Dissertation: Deep Thinking Systems: Logical Extrapolation with Recurrent Neural Networks

Advisor: Tom Goldstein

 Cem Unsal  

Dr. Cem Unsal


Dissertation: Quantum Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms for Packing Problems in Classical Computing and Networking

Advisor: Yavuz A Oruc

 DaochenWang PassportPhoto 1  

Dr. Daochen Wang


Dissertation: Quantum Speedups: Structure, Design, and Applicatio

Advisor: Andrew M. Childs and Carl A. Miller

 yizhou headshot  

Dr. Yi Zhou


Dissertation: Simulation Optimization: Effecient Selection and Dynamic Programing

Advisor: Michael Fu