A letter from previous AMSC Director, Konstantina Trivisa: 

Dear AMSC Faculty and Students,


I am delighted to inform you that starting July 1, 2018 Howard Elman (Computer Science) will start his term as Director of the AMSC Program.


Howard has served AMSC and the University of Maryland in various capacities over the years as Member of the AMSC Graduate Committee, Chair of the Numerical Analysis Field Committee, Regular Instructor of the Core Courses of the Scientific Computation Track of AMSC and as Director of the graduate program in Computer Science Department.
Lets Congratulate Howard on his new role at the University of Maryland.


Congratulations also to the Newly Elected AMSC Graduate Committee:


Howard Elman (Chair)
Shapour Azarm (Mechanical Engineering)
Radu Balan (CSCAMM, MATH)
Sandra Cerrai (CSCAMM, MATH)
Andrew Childs (CS, Co-Director of QuICS)
Michael Cummings (Biology)
Doron Levy (CSCAMM, MATH)
Eric Slud (MATH, STAT)
Konstantina Trivisa (MATH, IPST, CSCAMM)
Dannielle Middlebrooks (President of the AMSC Student Council)


The AMSC Program relies on the continuing support of its faculty.
Serving as AMSC Director has been an honor for me.
I would like to thank all of you for your support and help during my tenure.
I am deeply thankful and grateful.

Konstantina Trivisa