Ph.D. May 2018:

Dr. Matthew Becker
Dissertation: Modeling the Transfer of Drug Resistance in Solid Tumors
Advisor: Dr. Doron Levy
Dr. Quan Bui
Dissertation: Fast Solvers and Preconditioners for Multiphase Flow in Porous Media
Advisor: Dr. Howard Elman
Dr. Cheng Jie
Dissertation: Decision Making Under Uncertainty: New Models and Control
Advisor: Dr. Michael Fu
Dr. Judith Law
Dissertation: Estimation of a Function of a Large Covariance Matrix Using Classical and Bayesian Methods
Advisor: Dr. Partha Lahiri
Dr. Xia Li
Dissertation: Misspecified weights in weight-smoothing methods
Advisor: Dr. Eric Slud
Dr. Yiran Li
Dissertation: Feature extraction in image processing and deep learning
Advisor: Dr. Wojciech Czaja
Dr. Dimitrios Ntogkas
Dissertation: Non-Linear Geometric PDEs: Algorithms, Numerical Analysis and Computation
Advisor: Dr. Ricardo Nochetto
Dr. Matthew Whiteway
Dissertation: A latent variable modeling framework for analyzing neural population activity
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Butts

M.S. May 2018:

Farzad Daneshgar
Scholarly Paper: A Mathematical Model to Determine the Allocation of Dynamic Message Signs in a Network
Advisor: Dr. Steven Gabriel
Graham Antoszewski
Scholarly Paper: Exploration of Adaptive Experimental Design Methods for Material Structure and Optimal Property Identification
Advisor: Dr. Hector Corrada Bravo
Kayla Davie
Scholarly Paper: Preconditioners for PDE-Constrained Optimization Problems
Advisor: Dr. Howard Elman

Newly Advanced Doctoral Candidates:

Danielle Middlebrooks
Guowei Sun